Tsubaki Oil: The Secret of Beauty, Luxury, and Personal Care

Tsubaki Oil: The Secret of Beauty, Luxury, and Personal Care

Known commonly as Tsubaki in Japan, camellia japonica is the base of our tsubaki soap, tsubaki shampoo, and 100% pure tsubaki oil, extracted from the seeds of the camellia japonica. This is a species of camellia endemic to Japan. Camellias are, indeed, the flower that embodies beauty.

Nourish Your Skin and Hair with Tsubaki Oil

Often confused with roses, camellias are flowers that almost waste abundance; they are their very own embodiment of luxury, colour, and capricious shapes. Whereas roses need a garden to be a multitude, a single camellia makes a garden bloom. These flowers oversaturate with their beauty and colourfulness in every thicket they inhabit. 

These are the flowers Alice paints for the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland. Alice is tasked with covering them up, attempting to turn the flowers into something they’re not. Unlike the Queen of Hearts, we do not alter anything from the natural process of our camellia seed oil. We transform what Alice does to the camellias in Wonderland. We offer a possibility to embrace your skin with the softness and beauty of these flowers. 

Camellia's Beauty Secrets

Our camellia seed oil is harvested from Japanese camellia flowers prized for their beauty. In Japan this is a long and well-preserved tradition, and the tradition persists because of the simplicity and nutrition of the camellia seed. It is, in fact, an all-purpose ingredient that is not only lightweight for the face, hair, and body, but also a nourishing cooking oil in Japan. From the palate to the touch, camellias seduce all senses. 

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Tsubaki, camellia seed, oil permeates deep into the cells of your skin, making it elastic and improving its general wellbeing. It is one of the best oils for glowing, radiant skin, but is mostly known for its moisturizing, anti-aging, calming, and fortifying properties. Whereas a flower’s life is short, we give you an everlasting blossom to touch.

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The cold-pressed method used to extract camellia seed oil lends itself to its purity, quality, and substantial nutritional profile. Camellia is high in phytonutrients that have soothing, strengthening, and protecting benefits for the body. Its cooling profile preserves the spring in your skin, as you feel the warm spirit of this ancestral tradition.

Your Skin Does Many Things. Our Oil Does the Rest.

This oil is as versatile as you are. Its secret lies at the heart of Japanese beauty in the complex and intriguing figure of the Geisha.

Beyond whatever stereotypical image we could have about these women, the truth is that they were more than mere entertainers of men. They were specialists of beauty, strength, and refinement. These are the keepers of tradition and the arts. And more importantly, these women were “doers,” just like the second character of the word (sha) suggests. 

Women do it all. And for all the things you do, let our soaps take care of your most exposed self: your skin.

Treat Your Skin to the Japanese Secrets of Beauty

Whether you are at the end of a long day, or you are about to begin a hectic stretch at work, let our camellia seed oil and the scent of our soaps treat you. No matter what your skin type is, our bath and beauty products will do the rest.

Your skin is not only your most exposed self, but it is also where your biggest secret lies, the secret of your beauty. We help you keep this secret with the lightweight, soothing formula of our bath and beauty products. These are years and years of ancestral Japanese tradition brought to your skin. We do not deliver beauty, we guard it. As good traditions must be defended, and revolutionary new habits encouraged, our soaps help you get to your comfy spot.

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